Well, well, well. Here we are at the start of the new year at Los Santos Diatribes, and we’re reporting and rehashing some old news.

Let’s start with the new things: DoCL recently had their first town hall, where they addressed a few things, including the idea behind what constitutes as a business regarding selling ones own property, specifically: cars. A singular car does not fall under ‘providing goods and services’, so it’s perfectly legal to sell your own used car. It’s not legal, however, to sell rides from the cars, or buy and flip cars without a business license. It’s also not legal to advertise your own business or freelance goods without a license.

This has been the state laws for awhile now, so why does Blair Sonnen (who was formerly accused of using AI to create her art…) feel she’s above this law? Apparently, according to Y, she feels her distribution and advertising of her art (a good and service) does not quantify for a business license, as a freelancer.

If she was not providing goods and services, which she is (taste withstanding), this might be the case.

A business license, by the way, costs only $250 a month at base cost. Instead, she would rather break the state law (not DoCL’s law) and incur a fee of $1000 per advertisement. She must be doing really well with this business if she doesn’t mind the penalties.

But, as Blair likes to point out, she’s an Instigator, so much like the incidents in 2022 where she was stabbed over her art, this is par for the course. That said, if Blair isn’t going to use her name for a business, it looks like an open invitation for anyone else to!

How about it, folks– Blair Sonnen’s Artist Tears has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?