The Hub’s grand re-opening was tonight, and the turn out for the event was fantastic.

Fully staffed and prepared for a busy night, the The Hub was at its best, boasting great food, drink specials and live entertainment. Konrad Knives, Vic Harlowe, Certified Lover Boys, DJ Spooky, longtime city favorite Jason Tanners, and DJ Pretty Boi Paco were the stars of The Hub’s new stage and each act kept a tightly packed crowd on the dance floor.

The Hub closed for a short time to relocate to its new space off of Del Perro. For anyone who has never visited The Hub, it’s a dream in neon lights. When you first walk in, the bar to your immediate left is a love-letter to the art of Video Games and taps into the nostalgia of boardwalk arcades. From the bar’s high-seating, flashing arcade screens and a wall of video game artwork above the list of specials, the vibe is immaculate.

The Hub isn’t just about the look of video games, but they have an entire arcade inside with over 12 arcade cabinets, air hockey, and even a claw machine with tokens for just $100 each to play. If that hasn’t sold you yet, The Hub also boasts its own collection of, well, collectibles: Skateboards, Cubes, and Dinos!

Even if the aesthetic isn’t your vibe, the food alone should draw you in with Pickle sandwiches, Dino Slices, and a collection of cocktails and mocktails. If you didn’t make it out to the grand re-opening, do yourself a favor and give it a shot for a casual night or even a fun-filled date night.


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