Tonight, beloved Bentos restaurant off of Eclipse caught fire.

Several SAFR vehicles and LSPD arrived on the scene to a fire blazing from the roof and visible from down the street. Streets both ways were blocked, leading to an extreme traffic jam, but Public Works was also on scene assisting to direct the backup. Eventually the fire was extinguished, though the building was still smoldering when officers on scene opened up the streets again to traffic.

There are a lot of theories on how this fire happened from ice in a fryer, a poorly attentive cook, or something more sinister. According to several onlookers watching from the safety of Hardcore Comics, James Kogul (former disgruntled employee) was the one to set the fire, though officially the scene is still under investigation.

Others who witnessed the blaze suggested it could be, instead, one of the other restaurants trying to take out competition, and that other restaurants had seen similar incidents recently. In fact, Pearl’s was vandalized yesterday with all windows and fish tanks smashed. As one citizen said “What did the fish do?!”

What did the fish do, indeed.

We won’t know for sure until there’s an official release of information from the authorities on either of these incidents.

Until then, we at LSDiatribes are allowed to speculate.


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