It began with KOKORO.

Even in the times before Mutiny, the harshest cyber attack on the city, music has been a part of the Los Santos Lifestyle. Artists like Lulu Moon, Piper Riggs, Jason Tanners and others have flourished in the city, nourished by its heart and soul- that is, the citizens and denizens in this great city.

From these amazing artsts came amazing ideas, and record labels to support them and grow the scene. For some reason, one specific part of the city has become the home to most of the entertainment behemoths in the state. KOKORO was the first to plant its roots in a tall building gracing Movie Star Way.

Then came others: BOXX2BOXX Records, Ronin Records, and DJ Spooky— All taking up residence in the Northwest part of the city known as Rockford. To date, Los Santos has 9 Record Labels registered within the city, and one Radio Station– with all but Savage Records and Euphoric FM settled into the Rockford area.

It’s hard to say if this decision was intentional by all parties or if this was simply coincidental, but it has transformed this area of town and has firmly cemented its place as the music capital of the state. I, personally, would love to see this recognized more officially.

If you’re a music creative, this is your place to be; Welcome Home.


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